Washington D.C

September 30, 2014

IMG_4715 Good afternoon! Unfortunately my short but lovely trip to D.C is over! I had an amazing time, and it’s put such a smile on my face. What makes it even more crazy and hectic is the fact that we arrived with only several hours to sight-see, because the next day was all for a project, and the following day I was going home. We visited the Monument, US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting Pool, ate at a delicious pizzeria, all in 6 hours! Continue Reading…


Black & Grey

September 28, 2014

PicMonkey CollageIMG_4598IMG_4558Top – H&M // Pants- Sears // Shoes – Topshop // Bag – H&M // Sunglasses - Topshop

Taking a trip to the ever so stunning capital of Washington D.C, I’m having so much fun exploring, learning new things, & sightseeing! I’m also here for a cool project! More photos on my trip coming soon!

There is nothing more I love than wearing black and grey together, the two colors close in relation compliment each other so well, you can always accessorize with gold or silver, or both! Regardless of the fact that it has been 80 degrees, there is something I just love about the Autumn/Fall. The slight temperature drop, the crisp cooler air, the color pallet of style, the sunsets (they are insanely beautiful),  caramel apples, the drinks from Starbucks, scented candles, MY BIRTHDAY & one step closer to Christmas!  I wear more black, white, grey, neutrals, mauves… you get the idea! I’ve come to a realization that my style has not only grown, but evolved, and I seem to have gravitated towards different pieces and colors completely. I get my inspiration from people, magazines, blogs, my friends, family; everything around me has an influence on my style and how I pick and choose an outfit every day. It’s refreshing to try new things that are out of my comfort zone, and I believe it’s something everyone should do. Always in with the new! I hope you’re all having a great afternoon!

Daisy x


Everyday Summer Makeup

August 24, 2014



If there is any other season that I love. (apart from the Fall season) It has to be Summer, and with extremely hot days, I hate the feeling of heavy makeup on my skin, and with oily skin it really doesn’t help the situation either. Some days I wear liquid foundation, but for pretty much most of the summer I’ve been wearing a powder foundation, it gives you the chance to build the coverage which is perfect right?! Continue Reading…


Instagram Diary

July 21, 2014

CollageHappy Monday everyone! Here are my favorite and recent instagrams! If you’re not following me on there and you would like to! I’ll have a link at the end of this post. Hope you’re all having a great Monday evening! I have a hectic but pleasant week ahead of me… Continue Reading…